who we are

a brand
focusing on the essence of what makes you Feel beautiful

what is taffetta?

To connect with our guests, enhance their vision, and exceed their expectations

our mission

Every Guest is our top priority. We work together to create a look that fulfills a vision they have Always  dreamed of.  

Your happiness is our goal

where to find us?

visit us // 219 BELLEVUE AVE, hammonton, nj, 08037

give us a ring // (866) 219 - 8811

Taffeta is the creation of Alexandra Jenkins, a top hairstylist based out of New Jersey. With a vision of creating a brand focusing on the essence of what makes one feel the most beautiful version of themselves, Alexandra offers hair, makeup, & lash services through her boutique style salon, on-location wedding services, and shares her collection of beauty and lifestyle tips that enrich her vision of Taffeta.


I live for all things wedding, fashion, and beauty! Helping others feel their best and sharing my passion with them makes me happy. Taffeta has become more than I could have ever imagined and I'm grateful for the opportunities it has opened up! I can't wait to see what more the future has in store for me and what I can bring to all of you.  Thank you for supporting me and everything I love most! 

my boys

my love

our kitten

Julian & Grayson 

who always supports me

Audrey White