What if I don’t need extensions?
We suggest waiting to decide until you meet your artist at your preview. If you or your artist choose against extensions, we will deduct $300 from your total invoice.

What if I want to add services later?
Any services can be added at the time of your six month planning call. Pricing is negotiable depending on our team’s availability and your timeline. An additional travel fee per artist will be added if more team members are required. Bridal party services will be a minimum of $100-$130 per service.

A $500 reservation fee is required to secure your wedding date with Taffeta Weddings. This $500 will cover a bridal hair and makeup preview appointment or credit towards the amount owed in final payment.

What if I don’t need a bridal preview?
We will remove $500 from your final payment.

What happens if I only need services for my bridal party and not a bridal wedding day or preview service?
We will remove those services plus the “final touches on wedding day” service that are not needed from the total cost.
Bridal Hair and Makeup Preview, Wedding Day Services, and final touch wedding day hours = $1650 off the package.

What happens if I only need hair services and not makeup, or makeup services and not hair services?
Those services will be removed from your final invoice. Hair and makeup services are of equal cost.

What are your travel fees per team member?
Any location within 50 miles of Hammonton, NJ will be a $50 flat rate travel fee per artist. Any location outside a 50 mile radius from Hammotnon, NJ is an additional $1 per mile/ per artist.

Parking Fees
All venues requiring a parking charge per artist traveling on location will be included on the total cost of your Taffeta invoice for valet parking. Any venue without the option of parking, the closet parking rate for the individual team members will apply to the final invoice.

20% gratuity will be added to the services performed and included in your Taffeta invoice.
The Sophia, The Audrey, and The Morgan packages do not include gratuity in the above package quotes.

Are there any additional costs I may be forgetting to ask?
- If someone comes with wet hair before needing a formal hairstyling, an up charge of $65 occurs for the blowout
- If someone comes with extensions to add in their style and they are not properly prepped a $20-$40 added cost occurs depending on the additional timing to style
- If party is late to start setting the schedule behind 30+ minutes, there is a potential added cost for the team members delay in timing
- Events on a holiday weekend are an additional cost depending on the day/location/timing. Additional cost would not exceed $200.
- Any event needing the team to travel before 6:00 am is an additional cost up to $100 per team member.
- Additional travel cost for Pennsylvania locations in the summer for heavier traffic/travel time. Cost depends on location of team and timing and could increase up to $200.

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