Summer Glow

Oct 29

We all know that feeling of a crisp autumn morning, the breeze dances with colorful leaves, as we snuggle up with blankets by the fireplace. Our homes may feel cozy, but our skin starts screaming as soon as the heat turns on! It’s hard enough to say goodbye to all the fun colors and fashion of summer, but now we have to say it to our favorite skincare regimen as well. Gone are the days of running out the door with only mascara because the hint of summer on our skin is more than enough to replace that heavy foundation you need in the winter months.  With the change of seasons, our skin loses that fresh glow and is thirstier than ever. The only way to combat this dry monster is with military grade precision. What’s that you ask? Moisturizer! Moisturizing is a major key to healthy looking skin. 

Here are 7 tips for continuing your glowy complexion in the drearier months! 

  1. Choosing a moisturizer that works best for your skin type

During the fall & winter months, your skin can take a huge hit. The cold air constantly tickles your skin while the forced heat is completely drying you out. How do you survive the cold months?! We’ll tell you a secret. Drop those heavy moisturizers and find one that is durable and won’t change due to colder temperatures. We recommend using Rose Face Balm by Mana cosmetics. It’s uniquely textured balm melts onto skin to nourish and provide long lasting comfort and soothing hydration. It has tiny flecks leaving your complexion glowy and pretty.

  1. Stop fighting facial oil! 

Despite stereotypical belief, facial oil is not the leading cause for breakouts. More than likely, it is your diet.  Ingredients  in your pumpkin pie, morning latte’s, on-the-go snacks, etc. can be causing this, but that’s a conversation for another day! Your natural facial oils tend to prep and brace the skin for the cold weather ahead. The natural minerals help to combat the harsh effects of the cold. We live by Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, pricey but well worth the results. Full of antioxidants, this serum helps reduce blemishes, and penetrate the skin inside and out for an overall more radiant complexion!

  1.  Applying daily sunscreen

Who uses sunscreen as part of their skin regimen? We do…you should too! Sun damage is caused all year long.  Even on those overcast days, we suggest using at least 30 SPF every couple of hours. Now we know your foundation probably includes some form of SPF, however, odds are it isn’t nearly enough leaving exposure for potential skin damage. Try applying your sunscreen as a base for your foundation or moisturizing tint.  We like the CeraVe moisturizer with 30 SPF from Target.  It has a light feel and minimal scent.

  1.  Beauty Sleep is no Myth

Your snooze button actually may not be your enemy every morning. The more we sleep, the more our skin heals itself! In the colder seasons we typically spend less time outdoors and more time healing our skin (by sleeping!). Interestingly enough, cortisol production decreases while asleep as well leaving us with less of a chance of bacteria & oil forming. Time to start catching those Zzzz’s!

  1.  Application

All of the right skincare products in the world won’t help you unless you’re applying them correctly. When applying your sunscreen and skin care products, remember this rule:, the thicker the layer is applied, the further back in the line it goes! It’s time to level up!!

  1.  Cleanliness

One of the most underrated skin care tips we can share is clean your brushes! Many people don’t think about the old bacteria collected on makeup brushes. This is something we should do ALL year long! Make it a point to dedicate some time every week towards giving those babies a thorough washing! Try using warm water with baby soap if you don’t have a specific formula for brush cleaning.  Lay them flat on a towel to dry and voila! You’ll notice a difference in your complexion within a week of using clean brushes.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Hydrated skin starts from within! Drinking water is a known way to flush toxins out of your system, and keep you looking youthful longer. People who drink more water typically have better skin elasticity, less wrinkles, and certainly less acne. 

Moral  of the story, skin care isn’t an every once in a while process, it is a 24/7 commitment! Taking care of your skin is something you should incorporate in your daily routine all year long. Certain times of the year just need a little adjusting but it’s nothing we can’t handle! 

What are your favorite cold weather products? We would love to hear your thoughts!

written by Dominique + Alexandra

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